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  Information Magnetic Energy
Magnetic Care Therapy
  • relief of pain and inflammation
  • stimulation of tissue
  • increase blood circulation
  • increased oxygen to the tissues
  • improves functioning of immune system

The history of Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic therapy dates back to 800 b.c when physicians in ancient Greece, Egypt, and China practiced it. It was described in the books of Homer, Hippocrates, and Aristotle. This ancient knowledge is now rediscovered, as people all over the world are searching for natural alternatives from modern medicine for healthy, energetic lives. Magnetic therapy is and widely accepted and widely used in Germany , Italy, England , France, Spain and Russia. 

What is magnetic therapy?
Magnetic therapy is safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. Whether used independently or as an adjunct to your current treatment, magnetic therapy provides effective natural pain relief for a wide range of conditions, making it an excellent choice for anyone it helps speed the healing process and can improve quality of sleep without any adverse side effects.. 

What are the benefits of magnetic therapy

The haemoglobin‘s ability to absorb oxygen molecules improves .Therefore the capacity of oxygen in the blood stream is increased, which improves the body ‘s energy levels Inactive blood cells are strengthened and the number of blood cells is increased.

The blood vessels expand slightly, which implies that an increased volume of blood reaches the body cells. Nutrition is supplied and toxins are removed faster and more effectively. Cholesterol is reduced and waste products are removed from the walls of the blood vessels reducing blood pressure. The migration of calcium ions is changed. Calcium taken away from arthritic joints.

  1. The Ph balance of the body fluids is stabilized (acid/alkaline)
  2. Hormone production release is increased or decreased according to the body’s requirements at the time of treatment.
  3. The activities of enzymes are altered according to body requirements.
  4. The speed at which body cells are renewed is increased. Hence it has an anti-aging effect.
  5. It assists in regulating the function of the nerves.
  6. Increased metabolism
  7. Relief from stress and fatique
  8. Regulation of the nervous system
  9. Elimination of harmful toxins

Note: not to be used by persons with pacemakers or who are pregnant.