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27 Mar 2014
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22 May 2009

16 Feb 2011
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4 Aug 2009
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8 Sep 2009

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8 Sep 2009

Notification to Stockist Galaxur:

 For security member account, stockist require to use letters and numbers
 at the time of registration, with a minimum length 6 characters.
 Example: 123abc or ABC123

 Notification to Member Galaxur:

 For security purposes your account, members should immediately change the
 password given by stockist, using letters and numbers, with a minimum
 length 6 characters, so did the pin e-wallet.
 Example: 123abc or ABC123


  1. that alpha numeric include both pasword and pin
  2. date to impplement 14/9/09
  3. apply to new registration after 14/09 onward
  4. for existing password/pin maintain, but if they try change the password/pin new
    rules will apply, meaning they have to follow alpha numeric ready.